Well-planned Vegetarian Diets Can Reduce The Risk Of All Of The Following Chronic Diseases Except?

What are often lacking from a vegetarian diet that is not planned properly?

Some essential dietary requirements, which could be missing from a vegetarian diet if it isn’t carefully planned, include: protein.

minerals (including iron, calcium and zinc) vitamin B12.

What triggers the breakdown of stored fat?

In the fat cell, other types of lipases work to break down fats into fatty acids and glycerol. These lipases are activated by various hormones, such as glucagon, epinephrine and growth hormone. The resulting glycerol and fatty acids are released into the blood, and travel to the liver through the bloodstream.

Which of the following foods is a source of complete proteins?

A complete protein or whole protein is a food source of protein that contains an adequate proportion of each of the nine essential amino acids necessary in the human diet. Examples of single-source complete proteins are red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, cheese and yogurt.

Which part of an individual amino acid distinguishes it from other amino acids?

The “R” functional group is known as the amino acid “side chain”. There are 20 common different amino acid side chains. This is what distinguishes one amino acid from another. Amino acids are also known as “residues”.

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