List Of Diseases Caused By Archaea?

Archaea, he argues, may be responsible for some diseases with no known causes, such as Crohn’s disease, arthritis, lupus and gingivitis, to name some of the better known on his list.

Do any archaea cause disease?

No definitive virulence genes or factors have been described in archaea to date. Nevertheless, archaea may have the means, and they certainly have the opportunity, to cause disease. Archaea share some characteristics with known pathogens that may reflect the potential to cause disease.

How is Archaea harmful to humans?

So far, most archaea are known to be beneficial rather than harmful to human health. “The detected archaea are probably involved in nitrogen turnover on skin, and are capable of lowering the skin pH, supporting the suppression of pathogens,” said Moissl-Eichinger.

Where are archaea found?

Habitats of the archaeaArchaea are microorganisms that define the limits of life on Earth. They were originally discovered and described in extreme environments, such as hydrothermal vents and terrestrial hot springs. They were also found in a diverse range of highly saline, acidic, and anaerobic environments.

What are the benefits of Archaea?

Methanogenic archaea play a pivotal role in ecosystems with organisms that derive energy from oxidation of methane, many of which are bacteria, as they are often a major source of methane in such environments and can play a role as primary producers.

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