Etiology Is The Study Of The Causes Of Diseases.?

The etiology of a disease is its cause or origin.

Etiology is also the name for the study of the causes of diseases.

It can also refer to the study of the cause of things in other fields, such as philosophy and physics.

But it is most commonly used in the context of medicine.

What is the study of the cause of disease?

The study of disease is called pathology, which includes the study of etiology, or cause.

How is etiology related to disease?

Etiology (consisting of two Greek terms for “origin” and “study of”) refers to the study of the causes of a mental or physical disease. Etiological factors can thus be considered as necessary conditions for the development of a disease.

What are some examples of etiology?

e·ti·ol·o·gy. Use etiology in a sentence. noun. Etiology is defined as the science of finding causes and origins. An example of etiology is knowing that some of the causes of high blood pressure are smoking, lack of exercise, stress and a diet high in salt and fat.

What does etiology and epidemiology mean?

Share. Answer. Etiology is the study of the cause of disease while Epidemiology deals with the cause as well as the spread of disease.

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