Azalea Pests And Diseases Pictures?

What is the white stuff on my azaleas?

If so, you have a fungus called powdery mildew.

Your local garden center will have a general purpose fungicide that will work for well on powdery mildew.

If the white on the leaves is more of a lacy pattern on the leaf that can not be wiped away, your azalea has been attacked by an insect called lace bug.

What is wrong with my azalea?

Plants may exhibit discoloration with fewer or undersized foliage and flowers. Nitrogen and iron are the most commonly seen deficiencies in azaleas. Too much or too little light can also damage these plants. Leaf scorch, which is caused from too much sun, may appear as yellow or brown spots on foliage.

How is azalea disease treated?

Treating Azalea Petal BlightRemove infected blooms immediately. Water strictly the roots, not allowing the flowers to become wet. Replace the surrounding soil. If needed, fungicides Captan, Chlorothalonil, Maneb, or Triforine can help.

How do you treat azalea leaf gall?

Azalea leaf gall is a very common and widespread fungus disease that occurs in early spring on new azalea foliage.


  • Handpick or prune out and destroy (burn) galls.
  • Spray with recommended fungicides, such as Daconil 2787 or Mancozeb.

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