What Diseases Have Been Eradicated?

What is the next disease to be eradicated?

Polio and Guinea worm are the diseases that have the best chances of being eradicated next. The number of cases of both have decreased dramatically over the last 35 years. In 2016, only 46 new paralytic polio cases were recorded and the wild poliovirus was in circulation in only two countries: Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Can a virus be eradicated?

However, eradication of viral diseases is not a straightforward process. Indeed, there are viral diseases that appear impossible to eradicate due to certain characteristics of the causative virus. Herpes simplex virus resides latent in neurons, from where infection can reactivate.

Why is smallpox the only disease eradicated?

Smallpox was completely eradicated in North America by 1952 and largely eradicated in Europe by 1953, owing to the availability of funding and personnel who were equipped and committed to ending smallpox.

What does it mean when a virus is eradicated?

Eradication means that intervention measures are no longer required, the agent, which previously caused the disease is no longer present. Elimination of a disease refers to the deliberate effort that leads to the reduction to zero of the incidence of infection caused by a specific agent in a defined geographic area.

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