What Are Some Ways That Diseases Spread?

Infectious diseases can spread in a variety of ways: through the air, from direct or indirect contact with another person, soiled objects, skin or mucous membrane, saliva, urine, blood and body secretions, through sexual contact, and through contaminated food and water.

What are 3 ways in which diseases can be transmitted?

Three ways infectious diseases can be spread through direct contact are:

  • Person to person. A common way for infectious diseases to spread is through the direct transfer of bacteria, viruses or other germs from one person to another.
  • Animal to person.
  • Mother to unborn child.
  • Food Contamination.

What are some ways that diseases spread quizlet?

Pathogens cause infectious diseases that may be spread in several ways. How are most infectious diseases spread? through direct or indirect contact with an infected person,animal,through the air,or through contaminated food or water.

What is the most common method of spreading infection?

Contact transmission is the most common form of transmitting diseases and virus. There are two types of contact transmission: direct and indirect. Direct contact transmission occurs when there is physical contact between an infected person and a susceptible person.

What are the 6 modes of transmission?

The six links include: the infectious agent, reservoir, portal of exit, mode of transmission, portal of entry, and susceptible host. The way to stop germs from spreading is by interrupting this chain at any link.

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