Treatment Of Diseases With Drugs Or Medicines Medical Terminology?

What is the use of drugs to treat disease called?

Drug therapy, also called pharmacotherapy, is a general term for using medication to treat disease.

Drugs interact with receptors or enzymes in cells to promote healthy functioning and reduce or cure illness.

What is the medical abbreviation for medicine?

List of medical abbreviations: Latin abbreviations

Abbrev. Meaning Latin (or New Latin) origin
Rx, Rx, , ℞ prescription recipe
Sig., S. directions signa
Stat. immediately, with no delay, now statim
t.d.s, tds, TDS 3 times a day ter die sumendum

40 more rows

What is a good medicine for all diseases?

The panacea /pænəˈsiːə/, named after the Greek goddess of universal remedy Panacea, is any supposed remedy that is claimed (for example) to cure all diseases and prolong life indefinitely.

What is disease medical term?

A disease is a particular abnormal condition that negatively affects the structure or function of all or part of an organism, and that is not due to any immediate external injury. Diseases are often known to be medical conditions that are associated with specific symptoms and signs.

What is the most important medicine?

Chlorpromazine is the first official antipsychotic drug and was discovered in 1951. Its discovery and use represented a turning point in psychiatry and one that led to what some term as the ‘psychopharmacological revolution’.

What drugs are used for medical purposes?

7 illegal drugs that could be used in medicine

  • Cocaine. Cocaine might be a well-known stimulant, but studies show this drug has long been used as a topical anaesthetic in the Andean tribal communities of South American thanks to its numbing properties.
  • Heroin. Opiates are derived from poppies.
  • Magic Mushrooms.
  • Ketamine.
  • MDMA.
  • LSD.
  • Cannabis.
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What are the basic medical terminology?

How to Study Medical Terminology: Start at the Root

  1. Brachi/o – Arm.
  2. Cardi/o – Heart.
  3. Cyt/o – Cell.
  4. Derm/a, derm/o, dermat/o – Skin.
  5. Encephal/o – Brain.
  6. Gastr/o – Stomach.
  7. Hemat/o – Blood.
  8. Hist/o, histi/o – Tissue.

What is TDS in medical terms?

immediately, with no delay, now. statim. t.d.s, tds, TDS. 3 times a day. ter die sumendum.

What does symbol mean in medical terms?


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