The Best Response To Behavior Related Diseases Is?

What is the illness behavior model?

Illness behaviour thus involves the manner in which persons monitor their bodies, define and interpret their symptoms, take remedial action, and utilize various sources of help as well as the more formal health-care system.

What are the behaviors that affect health?

Several behaviors that exert a strong influence on health are reviewed in this section: tobacco use, alcohol consumption, physical activity and diet, sexual practices, and disease screening.

What are illness behaviors?

Illness behavior refers to any actions or reactions of an individual who feels unwell for the purpose of defining their state of health and obtaining physical or emotional relief from perceived or actual illness.

How does illness behavior differ from health behavior?

Health behavior is any activity undertaken by a person believing himself to be healthy, for the purpose of preventing disease or detecting it in an asymptomatic stage. Illness behavior is any activity, undertaken by a person who feels ill, to define the state of his health and to dis- cover a suitable remedy.

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