Lilac Diseases And Pests Pictures?

What is wrong with my lilac bush?

Common Diseases of LilacsBacterial blight – The bacteria Pseudomonas syringae causes early shoot and branch dieback, distorted leaves and leaf spots that start out olive green, but soon develop water soaked areas.

Powdery mildew – Powdery mildew is probably the most common problem in lilacs.

What is killing my lilac bush?

Powdery mildew is the most common tree disease to inflict lilac trees. This fungal infection slows the growth of plants, and in some cases may even kill them. Look out for for a white, flour-like substance on your lilac’s leaves.

What insects do lilac bushes attract?

Lilac Bushes & Insects

  • Aphids and Borers. Aphids and borers are insects that bother the lilac bush by feeding on the leaves.
  • Carpenter Ants and Yellow Jackets. Carpenter ants and yellow jackets (wasps) are attracted to the lilac bush because of its sap and the honeydew, which is excreted by aphids.
  • Effects.
  • Prevention.
  • Pruning.

How do you treat bacterial blight on lilacs?

Management of lilac bacterial blightImmediately remove and destroy diseased plant parts. Remember to dip your pruners in a 10% bleach solution between each cut. Prune only when the weather is dry and no rain is expected within the next few days.

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