Diseases That Mimic Cushing’s Syndrome?

For example, polycystic ovary syndrome — a hormone disorder in women with enlarged ovaries — shares some of the same signs and symptoms as Cushing syndrome, such as excessive hair growth and irregular menstrual periods.

Depression, eating disorders and alcoholism also can partially mimic Cushing syndrome.

What is similar to Cushing’s disease?

Pseudo-Cushing stateSome people have an abnormal amount of cortisol that is caused by something unrelated to Cushing’s syndrome such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, depression, pregnancy, and obesity. This is called pseudo-Cushing state.

Can you have Cushing’s disease with normal cortisol levels?

Although the majority of patients with Cushing’s syndrome have elevated levels of cortisol, it is becoming increasingly evident that many patients with a mild case of Cushing’s syndrome may also have normal levels of cortisol resulting in several 24-hour urine collections to confirm a diagnosis.

What causes buffalo hump Besides Cushing’s?

Buffalo hump can also be caused by endocrine (glandular) problems including: Adrenal hyperplasia (excess growth of the adrenal glands) Adrenal tumors. Cushing’s syndrome (disorder in which the body produces too much of the hormone cortisol)

How is Cushing’s syndrome diagnosed?

Cushing’s syndrome can be hard to diagnose. Doctors may use urine, saliva, or blood tests to diagnose Cushing’s syndrome. Sometimes doctors run a follow-up test to find out if excess cortisol is caused by Cushing’s syndrome or has a different cause.

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