Corn Pests And Diseases Pictures?

What kind of bugs eat corn?

Insect Pests of Sweet Corn

  • Cutworms. Cutworms damage a few plants in most gardens every year, but some gardens are so heavily infested as to warrant control by the grower.
  • Seed-Corn Maggot.
  • Southern Corn Rootworm.
  • Wireworms.
  • Corn Earworm.
  • Fall Armyworm.
  • Japanese Beetles.

What is eating my sweet corn leaves?

Armyworm, corn earworm, various beetles, and grasshoppers eat corn leaves and foliage. Handpick insects and destroy or place them in soapy water. Loss of small amount of leaf tissue will not reduce yields. Plant early corn varieties to avoid armyworms.

What are the diseases of corn?

Diseases of Corn

  1. Anthracnose Leaf Blight.
  2. Anthracnose Stalk Rot.
  3. Common Rust.
  4. Common Smut.
  5. Eyespot.
  6. Gray Leaf Spot.
  7. Northern Corn Leaf Blight.
  8. Northern Corn Leaf Spot.

How do you control corn pests?

To prevent an outbreak, clean up all crop residues, rotate your corn crop each year, plant resistant varieties and control corn flea beetles. Root Rot is caused by fungi in the soil and shows up as stunted plants or irregular plants with rotten roots. You risk root rot when planting seed in cold, damp soil.

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