What Diseases Do Mosquitoes Cause?

Why do mosquitoes carry diseases?

Some mosquitoes are vectors for diseases. This means they can transmit diseases from one human or animal to another. Typically, the diseases are caused by viruses or tiny parasites. For example, a mosquito that bites an infected human or animal can pick up a virus along with the blood meal.

Why are mosquitoes harmful to humans?

Mosquitoes Are Effective TransmittersThe virus is spreading rapidly because mosquitoes are more effective transmitters of disease than even flies. “Mosquitoes spread disease-causing agents, not the disease,” Peterson said. “They bite people to consume blood. Feeding allows the mosquito to produce eggs.

Who mosquito borne diseases?

Mosquito-borne diseases

  • Aedes. Chikungunya. close. Chikungunya. Areas at risk:
  • Aedes. Zika virus. close. Zika virus. Areas at risk:
  • Aedes. Dengue. close. Dengue. Areas at risk:
  • Culex. West Nile virus. close. West Nile virus. Areas at risk:
  • Anopheles. Malaria. close. Malaria. Areas at risk:
  • Aedes. Yellow fever. close. Yellow fever. Areas at risk:

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