Tomato Plant Diseases And Treatments?

How do you treat diseased tomato plants?

Treatment: Try to prevent early blight by planting disease-resistant cultivars, pulling weeds and volunteer tomato plants, rotating crops, spacing plants so that they do not touch when mature, mulching and fertilizing properly and avoiding watering foliage with irrigation water.

What are common tomato diseases?

10 Tomato Plant Diseases to Watch For

  • Septoria Leaf Spot. Septoria leaf spot is one of the most common tomato plant leaf diseases.
  • Anthracnose.
  • Fusarium and Verticillium Wilt.
  • Early Blight (Alternaria)
  • Late Blight.
  • Mosaic Virus.
  • Blossom Drop.
  • Blossom-End Rot.

How do I identify a tomato disease?

Identifying Tomato Plant Diseases –

How do you prevent tomato diseases?

Health and Hygiene

  1. Minimize Irrigation. Tomato plants have surprisingly low water needs and overwatering can promote disease.
  2. Water at Ground Level.
  3. Water in the Morning.
  4. Mulch.
  5. Remove Infected Leaves Immediately.
  6. Prune Out Dense Foliage.
  7. Keep Adjacent Vegetation Down.
  8. Disinfect Tomato Tools.

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