Tomato Diseases And Their Control?

What are common tomato diseases?

10 Tomato Plant Diseases to Watch For

  • Septoria Leaf Spot. Septoria leaf spot is one of the most common tomato plant leaf diseases.
  • Anthracnose.
  • Fusarium and Verticillium Wilt.
  • Early Blight (Alternaria)
  • Late Blight.
  • Mosaic Virus.
  • Blossom Drop.
  • Blossom-End Rot.

How do I identify a tomato disease?

Identifying Tomato Plant Diseases –

How do you control fungus on tomato plants?

Tomato Gardening : How to Treat Fungus on Tomatoes –

What does fungus look like on a tomato plant?

Identifying the FungusCheck for dark, irregular, target-like spots on leaves that soon wither and drop. Late blight strikes during stretches of rainy, cool weather. On leaves, look for dark spots that spread quickly; on fruit, dark, irregular blotches cause tomatoes to rot and smell foul.

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