River Birch Tree Diseases Pictures?

What’s Wrong With My river birch tree?

Root Rot and Wood DecayCaused by Armillaria fungus, root rot kills the inner tissue of the river birch tree, especially major roots and lower portion of the trunk.

Look for stunted foliage or leaves that fall prematurely.

Branches at the top of the tree may begin dying before lower areas of the canopy.

What is killing my birch tree?

Birch dieback is a disease of birch trees that causes the branches in the crown to die off. The disease may eventually kill the tree.

How do you know if a river birch tree is dying?

My Birch Tree Is Dying. What Can I Do? –

What grows under a river birch tree?

Pachysandra, or Japanese spurge, is another type of ground cover plant that can grow beneath river birch trees. These plants are evergreen, growing about 1 foot tall and they grow well in shaded locations. Liriope, or lilyturf, is a grass-like ground cover plant that forms tall clumps and produces purple flowers.

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