Red Thread Disease Lawn Diseases?

How do you get rid of red thread lawn disease?

The basic treatment for red thread is to fertilize the lawn with the proper amount of nitrogen as part of an ongoing feeding program.

Nitrogen applied to the lawn in the fall will nourish the re-emerging turf in the spring, but much of that nitrogen will be gone by late spring.

What causes red thread lawn disease?

Red thread is a common cause of patches of dead grass on lawns during wet summers and in autumn. It is caused by the fungus Laetisaria fuciformis. The disease can develop at any time of year, but is most common in late summer and autumn.

Will red thread go away?

Red thread will often go away on its own if the conditions dry out and it stays warm. However, this can take a while and if you do not keep a close on eye on your lawn, other diseases can infect your grass.

What does red thread disease look like?

What Does Red Thread Lawn Disease Look Like? Symptoms are often visible from the street as circular patches of tan or pink grass about 4-8 inches in diameter. Upon closer inspection, the sclerotia are easily visible, appearing like small, red threads protruding out of the grass blades, especially near the tip.

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