Fungal Diseases Of Papaya And Their Management?

Important diseases in the field and storage, affecting papaya are powdery mildew, Phytophthora root rot, anthracnose, stem end rot, black spot disease and virus diseases like papaya ring spot and papaya leaf curl.

Among these diseases, anthracnose caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Penz.


How is papaya disease treated?

  • Papaya Anthracnose.
  • The fungus is spread by wind and rain while disease emergence is favoured by high temperature and humidity.
  • Benomyl or thiobendazole are amongst the more important fungicides used to reduce anthracnose of papaya.
  • These fungicides are used with or without hot water treatment after harvest.

How can papaya virus be controlled?

Soilapplication of Carbofuran (1 kg a.i./ha) at the time of sowing and 4-5 foliar sprays of Dimethoate (0.05%) or Metasystox (0.02%) or Nuvacron (0.05% ) at an interval of 10 days effectively controls the whitefly population. Papaya Ring Spot Virus: The virus is spread from plant to plant by aphids.

What causes papaya leaves to curl?

Papaya leaf curl disease is caused by Papaya leaf curl virus (PaLCuV), a begomovirus naturally transmitted through whitefly (Bemisia tabaci). Main symptoms of papaya leaf curl disease are inward/outward curling of plant leaves, vein thickening, and stunted plant growth with small distorted fruits or no fruits.

Is papaya good for fungal infection?

Studies show that papaya seeds can destroy certain types of fungi and parasites. According to one test-tube study, papaya seed extract was effective against three different strains of fungi, including the specific pathogen responsible for causing yeast infections ( 6 ).

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