Feral Cat Diseases To Humans?

Science shows feral cat colonies aren’t a risk to humans.

The health risks that catch and kill advocates most often blame on cats are intestinal parasites, rabies, flea-borne typhus, and toxoplasmosis.

Yet the spread of these diseases has never been conclusively linked to feral cats.

Can cats transmit diseases to humans?

The answer is yes. There are actually a number of diseases you can contract catch from your cat, known broadly as zoonotic diseases. The word “zoonotic” is used to describe any disease that is transmittable from animals to humans. The best known and most feared example of a zoonotic disease is rabies.

Can feral cats make you sick?

Cats are not a common source of diseases for humans. However, cats, like many animals, can carry diseases that can make humans sick. Cats’ mouths and claws can contain many harmful bacteria and viruses. If a stray cat bites or scratches you, wash the area thoroughly with soap and water right away.

What kind of diseases do feral cats carry?

Stray kittens can also carry various infectious diseases that can be transmitted to other cats in the household, such as feline leukemia virus, panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis and calicivirus.

Is it safe to touch a feral cat?

”Stray cats are dangerous”, ”you can’t touch them”, ”they have diseases”, ”you can die.” That stray cats will bite you, or scratch you, and therefore you should avoid them. Because they will spread sicknesses and in worst case they might kill you. So basically you can watch them, but not touch them.

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