Drugs That Are Used To Treat Or Prevent Diseases?

Antibiotics and AntiviralsAntibiotics are powerful medicines that fight bacterial infections.

They either kill bacteria or stop them from reproducing, allowing the body’s natural defenses to eliminate the pathogens.

Used properly, antibiotics can save lives.

Which is an example of a drug or drugs used to cure disease?

Most medications are used to cure a disease or condition. For example, antibiotics are given to cure an infection. Medications are also given to treat a medical condition. For example, anti-depressants are given to treat depression.

Which type of medicine destroys bacteria?

Antibiotics are powerful medicines that fight certain infections and can save lives when used properly. They either stop bacteria from reproducing or destroy them. Before bacteria can multiply and cause symptoms, the immune system can typically kill them.

What drug has saved the most lives?

Here we list the top 10 most important drugs developed.

  • Smallpox vaccine.
  • Morphine – 1827.
  • Aspirin – 1899.
  • Polio vaccine.
  • Chlorpromazine or thorazine – 1951.
  • Chemotherapy drugs – 1990s.
  • HIV Protease inhibitors – 1990s.
  • Ether – 1846.

What are life saving medicines?

It is commonly known as SI 449 of 2015 or the emergency medicines legislation. These regulations allow trained non-medical persons to administer six prescription-only medicines to a person, without a prescription, for the purpose of saving their life or reducing severe distress in an emergency situation.

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