Do House Mice Have Diseases?

Do house mice carry disease?

A focus on select infectious diseases. In fact, rats and mice are known to spread more than 35 diseases. These diseases can be spread to humans directly, through handling of live or dead rodents, through contact with rodent feces, urine, or saliva, and through rodent bites.

What diseases can you get from house mice?

Moreover, rodent droppings can spread diseases and viruses, including those listed below.

  • Hantavirus. Hantavirus is a potentially life-threatening disease transmitted to humans by rodents-primarily, the white-footed deer mouse.
  • Bubonic Plague.
  • Salmonellosis.
  • Rat-Bite Fever.

How common are diseases from mice?

Common Diseases You Can Get From a MouseMice and other rodents have commonly been associated with carrying a range of different diseases. The most direct ways that diseases like hantavirus, salmonella and rat-bite fever are spread throughout homes is through the mouse’s droppings, saliva, urine or by close contact.

Can you get sick from mouse droppings?

Hantavirus is carried by rodents, particularly deer mice. The virus is found in their urine and feces, but it does not make the animal sick. It is believed that humans can get sick with this virus if they breathe in contaminated dust from mice nests or droppings. Hantavirus does not seem to spread from human to human.

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