Diseases That Spread Through Saliva?

Can you get an STD from saliva?

Only certain sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are transmittable through kissing. Two common ones are herpes simplex virus (HSV) and cytomegalovirus (CMV). The best way to avoid getting an STD from kissing is to have a direct, transparent conversation about it with your partner.

Can you get a disease from someone spitting in your drink?

First: The person doing the spitting has to be sick—infected with one of the above viruses or bacterium. (You don’t really have to worry about herpes, or viruses like Epstein-Barr, which causes mono—those mostly transfer via kissing or sharing drinks, not via a drop of saliva on your face, Gerba says.)

What can I catch from sharing drinks?

And there’s also mononucleosis, which is sometimes called the “kissing disease” — that can go on the list, too. So we have strep, the common cold, mumps, meningitis, herpes, and mono. These are easily the most common, and will make up the majority of any “diseases you can catch via saliva/mouth” list.

What diseases are caused by kissing?

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you might want to be careful who you kiss.

  • Influenza: Influenza is spread from person to person, usually via droplets made when people with the flu cough, sneeze or talk.
  • Rubella:
  • Mumps:
  • Polio:
  • Meningitis:
  • Herpes:
  • Gum Disease:
  • Cytomegalovirus:

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