Crab Apple Tree Diseases Pictures?

What’s wrong with my crabapple tree?

The fungus, Venturia inaequalis, known as apple scab, is a leaf spot disease that can cause serious leaf drop on susceptible crabapple trees.

Heavy disease pressure leads to premature leaf drop.

Fruit infected by apple scab develops raised scab-like lesions and severely infected fruit will drop from the tree.

What is killing my crabapple tree?

The answer is a fungal disease called apple scab. A fungus called Venturia inaequalis infects crabapple leaves early in the spring. As the fungus grows in the developing leaves, it causes purplish-brown spots, often clustered along the leaf veins.

How do you treat crabapple tree disease?


  • Choose resistant varieties when possible.
  • Rake under trees and destroy infected leaves to reduce the number of fungal spores available to start the disease cycle over again next spring.
  • Water in the evening or early morning hours (avoid overhead irrigation) to give the leaves time to dry out before infection can occur.

Is my crabapple tree dying?

Foliage SymptomsAlthough yellowing, brown spotting or wilting of leaves is not a direct sign the tree is dying, it does indicate a pest or disease bout that could weaken the tree if not addressed. Leaves may change in appearance and then drop off the tree, often followed by twig and branch death.

What is the lifespan of a crabapple tree?

30 to 70 years

How do you prevent apple scab fungus on crab apple trees?

Spray with a fungicide when the tree’s buds are barely green at the tips. Continue spraying the fungicide at two week intervals until the weather becomes warm and dry. Preventing the apple scab fungus from infecting the new leaves helps prevent it from infecting the fruit.

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