White Pine Diseases And Pests?

Eastern White Pine

  • Pest or Condition: white pine weevil.
  • Pest or Condition: procerum root disease.
  • Pest or condition: pine bark adelgid.
  • Pest or condition: white pine blister rust.
  • Pest or Condition: introduced pine sawfly.
  • Pest or condition: Pityogenes hopkinsi (bark beetle)
  • Pest or condition: eriophyid mites.

What is killing my white pine trees?

White pine root decline, also called Procerum root disease, is an infectious disease caused by a fungus (Leptographim procerum) that attacks tree roots. It has been reported in Christmas tree plantations and landscapes in Kentucky.

Why is my white pine turning brown?

Several things can cause browning needles on white pine. The most common thing is the natural browning, and dropping, of the older, inner needles. Needles that are 4-6 years old will yellow, then brown and drop in the fall. It is normal for conifers to drop their oldest needles in the fall.

How do you treat fungus on pine trees?

Do not plant young, healthy two- and three-needled pines near older, infected pines. Remove infected twigs to reduce the amount of fungus in the tree. Apply a fungicide beginning as the buds swell in the spring and repeat application until the needles reach full size. Spraying at other times is not effective.

What insects eat pine trees?

Pine trees are susceptible to damage by over 20 different kinds of insects, including aphids, borers, caterpillars, mealybugs, and weevils. Look for signs of insects by examining needles, branches, and bark.

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