Goat Diseases Symptoms And Treatments Pdf?

What are the common diseases of goats?

The common diseases which affect goats and sheep in sub-Saharan countries are helminthosis, peste des petits ruminants, contagious ecthyma, goat/sheep pox, pneumonia, anthrax, blackquarter, footrot, caseous lymphadenitis and brucellosis.

How do you treat a sick goat?

Sick goats need more water, energy and protein than healthy goats but they have a lower appetite. Encourage its appetite with small meals, moistening the feed and adding molasses or salt to make it tastier. Fresh green forage and fresh leaves provide a good source of vitamins.

What are the symptoms of goat?

Disease Symptoms
Goat pox Fever, Occular and nasal mucous discharge, respiratory distress, pox lesion in un hairy parts such as lips, thigh udder etc
Endo-parasitic diseases
Fluke infection Emaciation, anaemia, edema in lower jaw
Tape worm Reduced growth, fever, kid mortality

15 more rows

How do you prevent disease in goats?

Avoid loading too many animals on one truck. Vaccinating sheep and goats against diseases that occur frequently in your area will help to prevent certain diseases. It’s usually cheaper to vaccinate your animals than to treat or put down sick animals.

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