Diseases Of The Heart And Blood Vessels Are Collectively Known As Which Of The Following?

What is the medical term for a heart attack?

Myocardial infarction, the medical term for heart attack, literally means “heart tissue damage or death.” Heart attacks most commonly occur when one or more of the coronary arteries — a network of blood vessels that supply blood to the heart — become blocked.

Heart muscle becomes starved for oxygen and nutrients.

Which of the following factors increases a person’s risk for cardiovascular disease?

Risk factors for cardiovascular disease are particular habits, behaviors, circumstances or conditions that increase a person’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease, including lack of exercise, unhealthy eating, smoking, diabetes, age and family history.

What is the greatest preventable risk factor for cardiovascular disease?

High blood pressure (hypertension) is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. If you have a diet high in sodium you risk hypertension.

What is the most common heart disease?

Coronary artery disease is the most common type of heart disease in the US. Coronary arteries supply blood to the heart muscle and coronary artery disease occurs when there is a buildup of cholesterol plaque inside the artery walls.

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