Diseases Caused By Land Pollution?

Health problems from cancers (arsenic, asbestos, dioxins), to neurological damage and lower IQ (lead, arsenic), kidney disease (lead, mercury, cadmium), and skeletal and bone diseases (lead, fluoride, cadmium) are serious issues, that in many cases we have yet to address.

How many diseases are caused by pollution?

Outdoor air pollution-caused deaths – breakdown by disease:40% – ischaemic heart disease; 40% – stroke; 11% – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); 6% – lung cancer; and.

How does land pollution affect human health?

Land pollution effectsSoil pollution can harm public health and animals, as well as the quality of groundwater and surface water. The potential effects of soil contamination on human health include breathing disorders, birth defects, skin diseases, and cancer.

What causes soil pollutions?

Soil contamination or soil pollution as part of land degradation is caused by the presence of xenobiotics (human-made) chemicals or other alteration in the natural soil environment. It is typically caused by industrial activity, agricultural chemicals or improper disposal of waste.

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