Citrus Tree Diseases And Pests?

What pests attack citrus trees?

Citrus pests

  • Chewing insects. Citrus leafminer. Lightbrown apple moth. Native budworm. Lemon bud moth.
  • Mediterranean fruit fly.
  • Sap-sucking insects. Honeydew producing insects. Scales. Aphids. Mealybugs.
  • Non-honeydew producing pests. Crusader bugs. Mites. Two-spotted mite. Citrus bud mite.
  • Other garden pests. Birds. Rats and possums. Snails and slugs.

How do I get rid of bugs on my citrus trees?

Solving Insect Problems on Citrus –

What is wrong with my citrus tree?

Most likely cause: Leaf CurlCitrus leaves can curl when temperatures are cold or extremely hot, some insect infestations such as scale, mealy bug, mites or aphids will cause leaves to curl. Over-watering can also cause this. Other times it is leaf curl disease.

What diseases do lemon trees get?

The most common diseases in these areas are melanose, lemon scab, brown rot, collar rot, sooty blotch, Phytophthora root rots and Armillaria. In these regions lemon trees require regular application of protectant copper sprays in order to keep fruit clean.

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