Emergence Of Infectious Diseases Can Be Attributed To All Of The Following Except?

What factors contribute to the emergence of an infectious disease quizlet?

What are the six factors involved in the emergence of these diseases?

world population, urbanization, deforestation, climate changes, natural disasters, and technological advances.

How do humans contribute to the emergence of new infectious diseases?

Many factors are contributing to disease emergence, including climate change, globalization and urbanization, and most of these factors are to some extent caused by humans. Pathogens may be more or less prone to emergence in themselves, and rapidly mutating viruses are more common among the emerging pathogens.

What are the factors leading to emerging disease?

Factors that have contributed to these changes are population growth, migration from rural areas to cities, international air travel, poverty, wars, and destructive ecological changes due to economic development and land use.

Which are infectious diseases check all that apply?

Check all that apply. cancer cholera typhoid malaria HIV/AIDS heart disease tuberculosis.

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