Diseases Spread More Easily In Hunter Gatherer Societies?

What are three characteristics of hunter gatherer societies?

Three characteristics of hunter-gatherer societies were:

  • people moved around a lot.
  • trash was spread out over a large area.
  • little surplus food was available.

How many hunter gatherers were there?

Based on their model using three environmental variables, we estimate the global population of hunter-gatherers to be on the order of ∼10 million.

Why was the population of hunter gatherers low?

They cleared forests, which provided almost no food at all, to make space for more useful plants. This way, a group of people required far less area to survive, allowing the population to grow. I would argue they had less, because population in a hunter gatherer society was low, and density was really low.

Where did the hunter gatherers live?

Some of the best recently known cases are the Mbuti of the Ituri Forest (central Africa), the San of the Kalahari Desert (southern Africa) and the Copper Inuit of the Arctic (North America). These hunter-gatherers live in environments that are not conducive to agriculture.

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