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I recovered so quickly I was out in a few days,” explains Fonyin. “It was a great experience and the best hospital for my needs. Everyone was so nice and when it came to bloodless medicine they knew what they were doing. Now I’m back to walking fast without that feeling in my chest or difficulty breathing. Had I not had the surgery I would have had a heart attack and it might have been too late to do anything. I am so grateful.

Fonyin Lau

Our Results Are Among the Best in the Country

At Englewood Cardiac Surgery Associates, we carefully evaluate each patient and offer only the most durable and effective solution for each individual. Our results are amongst the best in the country.

Continuing a long tradition of excellent outcomes, our cardiac surgery team achieved the best survival rate for CABG surgery in the latest NJDHSS Cardiac Surgery Report. View Report (PDF) >>>

Among the many factors contributing to the success of our program, two stand out:

  • A cohesive team of physicians, nurses and assistants who have worked together from the start, allowing for reproducible results that consistently place Englewood Hospital at the top of the state’s report card on mortality rates.
  • A commitment to transfusion free (bloodless surgery) surgery.

A growing body of evidence points to the risks associated with blood transfusion, including increased rates of infection, complications and mortality.

Nearly 80% of cardiac surgeries at Englewood Hospital—including the most complex procedures—are performed without the use of blood transfusions.

Bloodless surgery reduces transfusion-associated risks and requires a meticulous approach to surgery that further contributes to our consistently excellent outcomes. Learn more >>>

Enfermedad cardíaca coronaria

Ataque cardíaco (infarto al miocardio)


Anatomía del Corazón

Cirugía tradicional de derivación (bypass) arterial coronaria por injerto (CABG)

Reparación de la vávula mitral

Cirugía de reemplazo de vávula

Procedimiento Cox-Maze

Estenosis de la vá a&oacutertica